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News about University House Association

I would be very glad to hear about any former fellow-revellers from University House who are not already in UHA. Or even if they are. Spread the word about this Website as a forum for keeping in touch!

A brief note for any former UH residents who have not yet heard the news. University House closed down as a hall of residence in 2002 and has been rebuilt for use as part of the School of Business. The Barling Room disappeared to make way for a lecture theatre, which is part of a new structure added to the former Beale Wing. As a university planner said, it was no use trying to add something that was a pastiche of Edwardian style, so the new structure is modern in style and blends in better than one might have feared. The rooms inside have been changed into studies for the staff – I got to look at revamped room 223, the one I had in my third and final year in UH.

The next UHA Reunion is due to be held in 2008. I am trying to get a Website set up for UHA, but there has been no progress so far!


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